Who did this?

Hello! My name is Jordan Kasper and I made this website to support some legal professionals that I am friends with. They found the new regulations.gov site to be unsuitable and needed help. The lawyers I spoke to had multiple people working for days to research regulations and comments on those regulations that used to take one person just a few hours.

I saw a problem that I could fix. Luckily, all of the regulation data is available on Data.gov and they offer free API access to the public!

Legal Things

This site and all functionality is presented as-is with no warranty. In other words, I hope it works for you, but I make no guarantees, and the whole thing could disappear at any time because this is an open source side project and not a business.

The code for this site is provided completely free and open source at github.com/jakerella/usgov-regs and is published under the MIT license. I encourage anyone interested to run a version of this site on their own or to make any modifications they wish.

The privacy policy of this site is that 100% of the data you store, enter, or access on this site is private and will never be shared with anyone outside of the maintainers of this site without your (the user's) express permission and only by request of the relevant user.